Here is the list of personnel assigned to the Institute in alphabetical order.
The phone number is 954489501 and then dial the extension number.

Namesort icon Surname Current position Phone and extension
Alba Ballesteros Gragea Technician 909107
Ángeles Aroca Aguilar Marie Curie Fellow 909117
Consolación Álvarez Núñez ComFuturo Researcher 909105
Francisco Javier Cejudo Fernández Full Professor (US) 954489511
Inmaculada Cintado Durán Research Assistant 909160
Inmaculada Couso Liañez Postdoctoral Researcher Beatriz Galindo US 909669
Isidro Álvarez Escribano PhD. Student FPI (MINECO) 909109
José Luis Crespo González Research Scientist (CSIC) 954489574
Manuel Brenes Álvarez Predoctoral FPU (MECD) 909109
Mari Carmen Castell Capitán Predoctoral Researcher 909105
María Azahara Casatejada Pérez Predoctoral FPU 909112
Myriam Calonje Tenured Researcher, CSIC 954489591
Mª Gracia Benítez Eslava Technician 909125
Pedro Candau Chacón Profesor Titular 954489517
Pilar Bernal Bayard Researcher under Contract 909107
Sergio Camargo Bernal Postdoctoral Researcher 909126
Sergio Arévalo Díaz Predoctoral FPI 909109