Here is the list of personnel assigned to the Institute in alphabetical order.
The phone number is 954489501 and then dial the extension number.

Name Surnamesort icon Current position Phone and extension
Juan Manuel Madroñal de Sancha PhD. Student 909111
Manuel Jesús Mallén Ponce Postdoctoral Researcher (CSIC) 909114
Vicente Mariscal Romero Indefinite-Term-Postdoc +34-954489595
Pablo Martín Mateos Specialized Technician 909615
Imelda Mendoza Baisas Senior Research Associate (CSIC) 909602
Ángel Mérida Berlanga Tenured Scientist (CSIC) 909507-909108
Wiam Merini PhD. Student (FPI) 909160
Gloria Mesa Gil Student (Biology) 909109
Fernando Publio Molina Heredia Associate Professor (US) 909513-909105
Inmaculada Moreno González Lab Technician 909117
Alicia María Muro Pastor Tenured Scientist (CSIC) 909521
Mª Isabel Muro Pastor Tenured Scientist (CSIC) 954489598
Diego Narváez Guzmán Technician G3 909500
José Antonio Navarro Carruesco Research Scientist (CSIC) 909515/909105
Mercedes Nieves Morión Postdoctoral Researcher 909126
Alicia Orea García Specialized Technician 909611-909612
José María Ortega Rodríguez Full Professor (US) 909573-909114