Protein Analysis Facility


The main goal of the IBVF’s protein analysis service is the protein identification as well as to measure the molecular weights of peptides and proteins using mass spectrometry.
Protein Analysis Facility has different equipment for preparing and analyzing samples, such as:
-System for automated cut of proteins in polyacrilamide gels, EXQuest Model ( Biorad.).
-Mass spectrometer with time-of-flight analyzer and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI-TOF) capable of fragmenting peptides, 5800 Model, (ABsciex).
- Hybrid mass spectrometer, Triple quadrupole-TOF coupled to nanoLC, allowing LC-MS / MS analysis, 5600 Model ( ABsciex).
The analyses provided by the protein analysis service are:
- Molecular weight determination of ‘in solution’ peptides and proteins by MALDI-TOF
 -Proteins identification by peptide mass fingerprinting (MALDI-TOF) or including sequence information (MALDI-TOF / TOF).
- Large-scale proteomic analysis (protein identification and characterization, as well as relative quantification (label free) by swath) using LC-MS / MS.
To access the service, the corresponding application must be completed.
For any questions, contact the technical manager (